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Monday, July 28, 2008

Abby's Trip to the Promised Land..

If you know Heth well enough you know where the promised land is-- Alabama of course. It was Abby's first trip to Grammy, Paw Paw's, Nana and Pop's house. We were a little nervous about the six hour drive but Abby did great. On the way back yesterday she did get a little fussy the last hour and half, but can you blame her. I told Heth if fussing and crying out were the only way I could communicate that I was tired of being in the car I'd be doing the same thing. Overall she did really well. We stayed at Grammy and Paw Paw Kendrick's house Thursday and Friday night. We enjoyed visiting and eating all of the fresh vegetables from PawPaw's garden. We were also able to be there for Brody's 5th birthday party on Saturday. Every year we get the invitation we talk about going and surprising Aunt Erica and this year actually did. Brody was so excited to see his Uncle Heth - who he absolutely adores. The party was at an indoor pool where all the kiddies could swim and the adults like myself could relax in the hot tub. This was Abby's second time in the pool and she loved it even more this time. She swam with her daddy and Pop, and floated around in her little turtle float. Miss Bryleigh is now 14 months old and is the cutest little girl with her short curly hair. Her and Abby are going to be running around and playing together before we know it. We also visited with Heth's grandmother at her house for several hours on Friday. She was so excited to get to see all of her great grandchildren. Later on Friday we stopped to see Aunt Judy and Heth's cousin Darren at the restaurant they own. It was also their first time meeting Abby. We spent Saturday and Sunday at Nana and Pop's house eating homemade ice cream that pop made and eating fresh blueberries and tomatoes. Nana and pop played and read books to Abby trying to soak up the little bit of time we had. It was so great to see everyone and for Abby to get to meet some of Heth's family for the first time. We also stopped in Georgia to see Brad, Brooke and Brock. Brock is such a cutie! He loved watching Abby and trying to touch her hand and face. It was also great to get to visit with Brad and Brooke. Overall, it was a quick trip but we had a great time. I hate that we live six hours from Heth's family, but had he never followed God's call with his career we would have never met. I know it is all Gods plan but I do wish we were closer. But, everyone is always welcome to visit us anytime they'd like and we will surely be making some more road trips to Alabama. It should get easier as Abby will then be able to watch some DVD's while we ride. I just want Abby to be able to see all of her family as much as she can. Abby says she loves everyone and misses you already!

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The Slocumb Family said...

We enjoyed your visit so much! We need to plan a trip together sometime soon. Rest up from your trip to the Promise Land...ha ha. Have a great week!