"Happiness is like a butterfly;the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder."-Thoreau

Thursday, February 28, 2008

No more pumping!!

Yesterday I decided to start weaning Abby. I have not really enjoyed the breastfeeding experience and had planned to wean her before I head back to work in March. Since I have enough breast milk frozen to last another week or so I went ahead and stopped yesterday after talking with my doctor at my six week postpartum check up. Dr. DeHoff made me feel a little less guilty by reassuring me that she has already benfited tremendously from the breast milk that she received these first few months. Furthermore, I just could not see myself at work pumping and staying on the same schedule. Little did I know it would be so extremely painful for me to stop the feeding and pumping. I was up most of the night agonizing and taking ibuprofen for the pain. In fact I looked at Heth at one point and said I'd rather birth a child right now. It felt like someone was cutting into me and poking me with pins and needles. Thank heavens the pain was finally bearable this morning and has continued to subside. I can't tell you the freedom I already feel not having to breastfeed or pump. More power to those that can keep it up, it just was not for me. If we end up having another child he or she will probably be lucky if I breastfeed for the first few weeks. It's amazing how obsessed I was with the feeding and pumping and now I feel totally liberated.
Last night Abby had one of her fussy nights. Its as though nothing was going to make her happy for about an hour and half. Heth stayed up with her and she finally went to sleep after 11 or so. She is such a happy baby during the day and sometimes at night she turns into what we call the wildwoman. Crying and screaming regardless of what you do. Everything I've read says that their nighttime fussiness peaks at around six weeks, so hopefully she will be over this phase soon. She continues to smile and make new sounds everyday now. She is especially alert in the early morning when she seems to smile the most. Every day I look at her and she is just growing so fast I can't believe it. She has this little adorable round face now with little pudgy baby legs and belly. I need to take some pictures tomorrow to add to the blog so you can see how much she is growing. I have only two weeks left with her until I return to work. However I am so excited that my mom decided to quit work and keep her for us full time this year and next year. I can't imagine leaving my sweet girl in the hands of a stranger and so thankful that my mom will be able to care for her. Abby loves her grandma already!

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