"Happiness is like a butterfly;the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder."-Thoreau

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Abby in her Peanut Shell

Okay, she doesn't look too happy initially in her little baby carrier, but I got her settled in it and she loved it! She went to sleep and slept for over four hours! She looked so comfy and cozy all bundled up in it. It's great for me because it makes it so much easier to carry her around and have my hands free. I love it so far.
The picture on the left was taken on Thursday. I took this for her Aunt Beth to see that she was right about purple being one of Abby's best colors. She also has a beautiful purple blanket that Kimberly sent us (Thanks Elaine and Kimberly for the package!). Anyhow, last weekend her aunt Beth, Cousins Stephanie and Steven, and Mrs. Wilson all came to visit her. Abby already loves her family. She let out the biggest smile when Stephanie was holding her. I am glad that they were able to visit with her even if it was a quick trip.
Furthermore, there were several "firsts" for Abby this week. She made her first trip to church last Sunday and did great. I was not ready to drop her off in the nursery with all of the flu and colds going around, so we took her into Sunday School and Service with us. She slept right through Sunday School but woke up in service because it was time for her to eat. Luckily our church has TV's set up with seating so that I could feed her and still watch the service. Hopefully she'll do great again this Sunday. The other first for Abby was yesterday when Grandma and I took her to Southpark mall. We were not out too long but she slept in her stroller and then loved looking at all the lights on the ceiling in the store. She has done great on the days I have taken her out, and once she gets settled in her car seat almost always snoozes away while we're riding. I'm sure I'll have many more first time moments over the next few years and I can't wait!

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