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Monday, April 7, 2008

Sleeping with a runny nose...

Yesterday I noticed that Abby was starting to sound a little congested and her nose was running. As a new mom I was of course worried and really didn't know what to do. I knew that you can't really give babies anything for a cold so I called my friend Amie. I now call her my resident doctor on call. She has three children and has been through just about everything. Her daughter Audrey and Abby are only three months apart in age. Amie always makes me feel better and gives me helpful things to do and usually saves me a trip to the doctors office. So after talking with my "doctor" I started using saline drops and pulled the humidifier out of the closet. I was just worried that Abby was not going to sleep well. She was cooing and playing all day as if nothing bothered her, but I know how I feel when I lay down with a stuffy nose. You wake up and can't breathe and just feel yucky. So, she fell asleep around 7:30 last night. After she went to sleep Heth and I watched "Bee Movie", which was okay. When we went to bed we checked on her and she seemed to be doing fine. She then slept through the night for the first time- she woke up at 6 AM. I couldn't believe it. She has always been a good sleeper but I was not expecting her to sleep like this before she hit three months (which she'll be on Weds.) She was a little stuffy when she woke up today but has been doing great all day. She has taken several long naps today and I am continuing to use the saline drops and clear her nose if it starts to sound stuffed up. It may not actually be a cold, it could be the pollen and weather. I honestly wish it would decide to stay warm or cold. Lately it will be 70 degrees one day then 40 the next. That is usually enough to get my sinuses out of whack. I sure hope she doesn't have allergies. Hopefully this will pass so that her and I can get out later this week when the weather is supposed to warm up.

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Courtney said...

Ah, new mommy stuff. It's amazing how we call the baby doctor for all the stuff that we'd never call the doctor for for us! We've definitely been through the runny nose, cool-mist humidifier, tilting the bed thing. All makes sense, but our minds seem to get cloudy when it's our babies! Oh, and yah, that's a good trick too...put a small book under the head of her mattress. Keeps her elevated and breathing better. Good luck to ya :)