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Monday, January 28, 2008

A great weekend

Abby and our family had a great weekend visiting with family and friends. Paw Paw and Grammy Kendrick visited from Alabama and gave Cindy and I some much needed rest. They also cooked several meals and helped out around the house. Grandpa and Mimi Fleming stopped in to check on Abby and even took care of her for a few hours while Cindy and I celebrated our five year anniversary. Uncle Michael, Aunt Helen, Mr. Lance and Mrs. Laura visited yesterday for a while and brought some delicious dinner for us. So far we have only had to prepare one meal while we have been home from the hospital and our Sunday School Class from Hickory Grove Baptist has volunteered to help us out over the next several weeks. We greatly appreciate the support we have been given.

Abby is doing wonderful as she approaches week number two of life. Cindy and I weighed her on our scales on Saturday and she was up to 8lbs! That is a weight gain of 1lb 11oz since she left the hospital. Needless to say she is eating very well and "filling out" her newborn clothes much better. We had a difficult time finding clothes to fit her when we first got home since she was a bit smaller than we expected. Cindy and I were both over 8lbs when we were born so we expected her to be closer to our birth weight. She is quickly growing out of her newborn diapers and moving into the Stage 1 diapers. Maybe she will be a starting linebacker or power forward at this rate.

I start back to work on Wednesday this week but i am a bit anxious to leave Cindy and Abby at home. I am excited to get back to work since it is like "serious play" to me, but I know Cindy has appreciated my help these past two weeks. I keep telling Abby about the different projects I am working on and what I do at work. Basically I tell her I color and make pretty pictures all day and that one day she can help me. We have had a few serious conversations already about dating, prom, boyfriends, driving, etc. and she has agreed with every piece of advice I have given her : )

Tonight we are making a run to the store to stock up on formula for this week. Like I said, she likes to eat and breastfeeding is becoming very tiresome for Cindy. She has stuck with it for two weeks now and I am very proud of her for doing so. Abby will benefit greatly for the rest of her life because of Cindy's efforts.

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