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Friday, July 24, 2009

Potty Training?? Already??

Abby is now 18 months old and I never imagined she would be doing and saying all that she is. She continues to amaze me everyday! She has been telling me lately when she peepee's and poopoo's so that I can change her diaper. So, i thought I would buy a potty and maybe introduce the idea to her and see what happens. I bought the potty about a week ago and she has loved playing with it, sitting on it, looking at her books while she sits, opening and closing the lid. Well, on Wednesday she looked at me and said, "pee pee mommy", so we dashed off to the potty, I removed her diaper and helped her get seated on the toilet. She sat for a minute looking at her book and then I heard the music start playing ( her potty plays a celebration song as soon as she goes). I couldn't believe it! At 18 months she used her potty, and believe me we had a celebration party! She was also proud of herself and starting clapping and then wanted to see the pee pee in the potty herself and put her hand in it (we'll have to work on that). That was two days ago and she has not gone again but continues to let me know when she has used the bathroom so I can change my diaper. I know this is just a start, and my fear is she will get bored with the potty and forget about it. We shall see.... in the meantime I am not going to push this too hard, i mean she is still my baby girl right? Although, no more trips to Costco for huge boxes of diapers would not hurt my feelings or budget!
Besides potty training these days she is loving to read books, saying lots of words- especially thank you and bless you, loves to say amen at the end of a prayer, and tries to repeat most words you say to her. Each day it seems her language continues to blossom and it is so much fun to watch her learn and grow. Her 18 month check up was this week as well and everything was great. She did not cry until she had to get her last immunization.. but i would too seeing the size of that needle go into her tiny leg. She was average for weight, head size, and above average in height. I was a little worried about her weight being too low but he said everything was great. She loves to eat peas, peanut butter, cheese, yogurt, veggie sticks, green beans, tomatoes from the garden, blueberries, strawberries, garlic hummus ( i know right?), loves pancakes, eggs, any bread or cracker product, cereal bars, and waffles. I could go on but those seem to be her favorites. And of course just like mom and dad she loves ice cream. Well, i guess thats about it these days. I am just trying to soak up all the time I can before I go back to work in August. Be praying for me on the 18th because it will be a tough day for me. Leaving behind another special summer with my little girl. Trying to be in the moment each day and soak it all in. It is so hard being a working mom and shifting gears from teaching all day to mommy mode and taking care of everything at home. I know many of us do it but it still isn't easy. When Abby goes to school and our schedules are similar I think it will be a little easier for me.

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Courtney said...

Wow!! That's great about the potty thing. I'm in no rush, as well! Though, yah, not having to buy diapers anymore would be nice.

It's also great she eats so well. MD is such a picky eater. He barely touches anything outside of chicken nuggets and hot dogs. It's frustrating. Be glad you have such a great eater!

Yah, being a working mom is horrible. I feel your pain. I'm trying to find encouragement right now and can't. So, maybe we can lean on each other! Enjoy the rest of your summer... Hi to Heth!