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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Singin' and Dancin' and Movin' to the Groovin'

Recently, Abby has begin to show more and more her little personality. She has the cutest laugh and smile for a baby I have ever seen (I may be a bit biased). Below are a few recent videos which show Abby playing at home with Cindy and I.


It has been a while since we let Abby play in her Jumperoo. Part of this was because of the number of other toys we have for her to play with. But Cindy's mom has been telling us how much she likes to jump in the jumperoo at her house. I think you can tell from this video she really likes to jump.


Since Cindy started back to school, Abby has been staying with her Grandma during the day. Mrs. Fleming sings, plays and has shown Abby how to "dance." In this video, Abby shows off her mad skills while eating Peas, Pears and Peaches. I think you know YOU JUST GOT SERVED SUCKA!


This last video demonstrates Abby's mad skills of rolling while holding a purple block at the same time. That, my friend, is talent rarely seen in babies. Only the bravest of babies would even think of such a feat. I think you can also see that Abby has learned to say "Da-da," which brings a smile to my face every time I hear it.

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Amanda said...

Okay, the funniest thing about this post is Heth singing "Pea, Pears, and Peaches" over and over and over. I was cracking up! The things we parents do to make our kids laugh/dance/etc.